May 29, 2022
What are the 7 easy scholarships to get

What are the 7 easy scholarships to get

7 easy scholarships to get

There are many scholarships out there and with the college application season upon us, you’re likely wondering if it’s worth your time to apply to any of them. The answer is yes! In fact, one-third of all college students receive some form of financial aid through grants, scholarships or loans and scholarships are available to everyone! Here are seven easy scholarships to get if you need some extra money for college or graduate school.

1) High school students
You might think college is expensive, but there are plenty of scholarship opportunities out there. By taking advantage of a few that you qualify for, you could be saving thousands each year—and have a fat scholarship check waiting for you in the fall.

2) Undergraduates
There are numerous local, state and national scholarships for undergraduate students. To name a few, The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation awards up to 100 four-year $20,000 scholarships annually. Many of these recipients are minority students from disadvantaged backgrounds who will be first in their families to go to college.

3) Graduate students
Almost all graduate students are eligible for non-need or merit-based aid in addition to any federal financial aid. Check with your school’s financial aid office for information on scholarship opportunities for graduate students. You may be eligible for a variety of scholarships, such as those offered by your university, department, associations and others. Some examples include

4) Teachers
The Teach for America (TFA) program, which places high-achieving college graduates in cities throughout the country where teachers are in short supply, is a great opportunity for those looking to make a positive difference in kids’ lives. Recruits commit to two years of teaching at low-income schools.

5) Vocational workers
Students working a full-time job may find it difficult to devote time and energy to getting into college or university. If you’re in high school, or have just finished, take some time off and consider applying for a vocational scholarship. There are different types of vocational scholarships: some are awarded based on prior work experience while others require you to be currently employed in your chosen field.

6) Military members and veterans
It’s no secret that education is expensive. However, there are a number of grants and scholarship opportunities specifically geared toward military members and veterans that can help relieve some of those costs. If you’re a member or veteran of any branch of service, check out these resources Get started with a free financial aid seminar: Free information sessions on college-related topics are offered frequently by schools across the country. These sessions often include presentations about tuition assistance and student loan options, but even if your school isn’t hosting one soon, be sure to contact your admissions counselor for an in-depth look at what kind of aid may be available to you once you start classes.

7) Families of fallen soldiers
If you are a family member of someone who died in combat, you may be eligible for a scholarship from an organization like Gold Star Wives of America. This organization offers $1,000–$2,500 annual college scholarship awards to active or honorably discharged US Armed Forces service members who have lost a spouse in military combat. The average amount awarded each year is $2,166. To apply, contact your nearest Chapter president.

These are just 7 of thousands of scholarship opportunities out there. Keep your eyes open and keep applying! You can do it! Once you win a scholarship, encourage other people in your network to apply as well. The more people apply, the higher chance you have of winning again. Even if you don’t win, make sure you try each year and then put that money toward your education! Good luck on your applications and thanks for reading my post! See ya next time 🙂

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