May 29, 2022
Webster Packing In Pharmacy

Webster Packing In Pharmacy

One needs a Webster Packing if he/she take a number of different vital treatment to keep you healthy,

then you probably worry about missing doses, taking the wrong order are costly .

These are some of the most common mistakes and they can be costly in

terms of your health and your wallet.

As Aged Care, Group Home, and Nursing Care guiding Specialists,

we can remove all those worries with our Webster packing services.

At Kiara, we offer after hours and emergency webster packing and Dose

Administration Aid (DAA) services for Nursing Home and Community Patients.

We take your doctor’s prescriptions and arrange them in a weekly blister pack that

has all your recommendations in separate compartments. This keeps your ingredients

safe and secure, and you can see what you need to take and when, all day and every day.

Make your treatment regime simple and easy for you, your family members, and your carer.

With Webster-packs, you can be sure that you’re taking what you need to take, when you need to take it.

Let us help you stay safe, healthy, and on schedule with your ingredients.

What is Webster Packing?

A Webster Pack is a fantastic and easy to use system to help manage your Health,

ensuring you take the right treatment at the right time.
It contains individually sealed compartments labelled from Monday to Sunday and

from Breakfast to Bedtime. These packs are perfect for people who are on more than

3 range treatment a day, have trouble with opening bottles and packets, people

who are having trouble with memory, or simply wanting to take the hassle out of organizing treatments.

Webster Packing involves a fee of $6.60 per week including delivery. (This offer excludes your usual ingredients costs).

Taking the right treatments at the right time is essential. But it can be difficult for anyone

to organise lots of different packages 4 times a day when you have other things to do.

Webster Packing can completely eliminate the need to do this.

A Webster-pak is a convenient, disposable alternative to a drawer of bottles and packets of Health needs.

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