June 25, 2022

U.S. Bank Simple Loan: How to Apply

U.S. Bank Simple Loan is a safer option compared to other small-dollar loans.

Compare all options before you borrow. The Simple Loan is an affordable small loan

available for existing U.S. Bank customers.

US Bank Simple Loan
US Bank Simple Loan  Est. APR 35.65%
Loan amount

Simple loan:

Definition: 1

simple loan refers to a credit market instrument giving the borrower an amount of fund that

must be repaid to the lender at the date of maturity along with an extra payment (interest).

Definition: 2

simple loan is also called a simple interest loan. It is a kind of loan arrangement applying

the interest rate on a daily instead of a monthly basis. This little difference doesn’t make a

major impact on the debtor’s repaid amount over the period of a short-term loan. But the

interest payable on this loan over a long time period can be significant. Many customers

who are given the opportunity to select between this loan and a standard loan can

benefit from using this loan calculator for projecting the total interest amount that will

be paid over the term of the loan than calculated applying the standard method. It will

make it much simpler to ascertain if the difference is considerable and if paying the extra

interest is offset by extra benefits given in the terms and conditions of the loan.

Under a simple loan, the applied daily interest rate is generally obtained by dividing the

annual rate by either 365 or 360, based on the terms mentioned within the loan contract.

Then this rate is applied to the loan balance every day until the full payment of the loan.

On the other hand, a standard method divides the annual rate by 12 and applies this rate to the balance every month.

Pros & Cons


  • Reports payments to all three major credit bureaus.                               
  • No prepayment or late fees.
  • Offers small loans of $100.


  • Must be an existing bank customer.
  • No co-sign, joint or secured loan options.
  • Only three-month repayment terms available.

Loan Workout Specialists

With the substantial number of business failures in recent years many loans to business

and consumers have gone bad, requiring the services of skilled professionals to identify

the causes of each problem loan situation and to find solutions that maximize the chances

for recovering the bank’s funds. This is the job of the loan workout specialist, who must have

a strong background in accounting. Financial statement analysis, business law, and economies,

along with good negotiating skills.

Secured loan

A loan backed with some form of collateral; property, equipment, inventory, or accounts receivable.

Savings and loan association (S&L)

Corporation that traditionally offered savings accounts with interest rates higher than banks.

Since deregulation, an S&L offers both checking and savings accounts but still uses the

majority of funds to finance home mortgages. Along with savings banks, sometimes called a thrift.

Chattel Loan

What is Chattel Loan?

Chattel Loan is a type of mortgage loan that is used to move personal possessions

such as a modular home or industrial equipment. The asset, or chattel, is used to secure loans,

and the creditor owns a portion of it. The car or machinery is referred to as chattel, and the debt

is referred to as a mortgage.

A chattel mortgage is distinct from a traditional mortgage, which is supported by a

claim on a fixed asset such as a home or office premises. A chattel mortgage is a useful

solution among business owners and shareholders when it relates to car and

machinery financing. It’s referred to as an automobile or equipment loan by some lenders.

Understanding Chattel Loans

A chattel mortgage is structure similarly to a standard fixe-rate housing conventional mortgage.

A finance company will use the automobile or equipment you purchase as collateral for your mortgage.

Unlike a Lease Agreement or a Financing Lease, a Machinery Loan provides you immediate

ownership and allows you to repay the loan using the revenue generate the item in your firm.

If you don’t make your payments, your lending company may decide to seize your vehicle or property.

The required down payment might be as minimal as 5%. These loans normally have a

maximum term of 20 years. Rates of interest on these loans are usually 3-4 percent higher than

on standard home loans.

Chattel loans have their own set of laws that vary depending on the type of asset. Chattel

house loans, for example, must be published in a public registry because then third-partners.

that use their home as collateral for just another loan. Security contracts for airplanes are

normally registered with the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aircraft Registration Branch.

Practical Example

If someone is a contractor working on a remodeling or building project, you’ll need

vehicles to transport goods and building materials. One element of a chattel mortgage

that distinguishes it from a potential borrower is that your lending institution company

will protect the loan with the ‘chattel,’ or car you want to acquire. It may be a skid loader,

a van, or something else entirely.

In Sentences

  • The term chattel loans are basically used to indicate a type of loan that is widely known for equipment financing.

Soft Landing

What is a Soft Landing?

Soft Landing means that the economy slows developing but still doesn’t enter into a recession.

It refers to the federal reserve’s attempts to strengthen interest rates enough to keep an

economic system from overcharging and incurring excessive inflation.

They avoid a harsh landing which would result in a significant economic downturn.

It can sometimes apply to an economic area that is slowing but not collapsing. A soft

landing refers to the gradual softening of the economic system following a period of fast boom.

Understanding Soft Landing

In the broader economy, a soft landing occurs when an industry transitions from

expansion to slow economic growth to possibly flat while it reaches yet avoids a recession.

After a financial or share market bubble, an easy landing has never occurred. Even

though a bubble might no longer be a bubble unless it was preceded through

one of these landings. That is why the mention of these landings is regarded with doubt.

Some economic theory suggests it is nothing but economic jargon.

Most authorities desire a soft landing but it becomes possible only when a

rising industry is gradually lowered without destroying employment or imposing

unnecessary economic uncertainty on individuals and businesses who have taken loans.

Sadly, the more overheated an economic system is by external stimuli, the more it is

exposed to a hard landing as a result of even slight growth restrictions.

The landing may presently indicate not just a slowdown of development but an economic

downturn. It might be possible that such an effective landing of 1995 had a relation with the

country’s economic structural change. In the backdrop of the IT era, it had an

influence on performance and efficiency.

Practical Examples

  • Interest rates are temporarily raise or decrease to control inflation and downturn factors
  • Credit policy tightening, resulting in very little credit being the overall population or businesses in form of debt or credits
  • Undertakings on the open market
  • The exchange rate adjustments

In Conclusion

  • The term soft landing is widely use as a financial or economic term that indicates a government or central bank initiative to avoid the high inflation rate in an economy.