May 29, 2022
Top 10 Jobs for Communication and Service Skills

Top 10 Jobs for Communication and Service Skills


The world runs on communication, and the best jobs are those that combine the ability to communicate clearly with the ability to provide excellent service. If you’re interested in pursuing these kinds of careers, there are plenty of jobs out there that will satisfy your needs and help you achieve your goals. This list of the top 10 communication and service jobs contains some familiar favorites as well as some lesser-known opportunities, so give it a read to see if any of them appeal to you!

#1 – Psychologist
A psychologist treats mental health problems with a variety of techniques, including psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy and behavioral therapy. Most psychologists today are trained in one of five specific specialty areas, but they can also work as general practitioners. In most states, you need a doctorate degree in psychology to be eligible for licensure; many jobs also require at least a few years of post-doctoral experience. Psychologists are paid an average $75K per year to start.

#2 – Coach
Although coaches are sometimes seen as just babysitters, they’re much more than that. They’re capable of working with children in a variety of settings – preschools, schools, after-school programs or home-based care. They work with young people to help them reach their potential in a variety of ways (including encouraging them to express themselves, promoting positive values and providing physical activity). Although you may be thinking that those things sound like kindergarten teachers already do them all – they don’t!

#3 – Telemarketer
Telemarketers provide a valuable service, one that allows businesses to reach potential customers on a large scale. Although telemarketing might not be considered an in-demand job (considering recent advances in technology), it can pay well: According to PayScale, median salary is $29,000. For those who have excellent communication skills and are interested in customer service, telemarketing is a good fit. Career Prospects lists job growth as about 6 percent.

#4 – Executive Assistant
Executives are smart—it takes brains to run a company. So it stands to reason that anyone who works for one is likely bright as well. What’s more, executive assistants must be organized, reliable, patient and detail-oriented—all qualities that should serve you well when looking for another job. What’s more, assistant jobs can often lead to other positions within a company if you’ve been at it long enough or work at a larger firm with many departments.

#5 – Talent Agent
Talents agents help actors, musicians, and other entertainers book jobs. Agents typically get a percentage of a client’s earnings in exchange for their services. Talent agents often work as freelance contractors, which means they aren’t employees at any one company. As a result, talent agents don’t have to worry about things like benefits or paid time off – it’s all on them to arrange.

#6 – Speech Writer
A speech writer’s job is to prepare important speeches that their employer delivers at conferences, corporate meetings, government events, etc. It’s an excellent way to combine writing with public speaking—and it also shows off communication skills.

#7 – Customer Service Representative
If you’re patient, good with people, and have strong writing skills, customer service may be a good fit. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that employment opportunities will grow faster than average over the next decade. Since most companies only offer part-time work, be sure to investigate other opportunities in your area to find an employer offering full-time hours. Our free Salary Wizard is a great place to start hunting for salary information.

#8 – Translator/Interpreter
If you speak more than one language fluently, you should consider becoming a translator or interpreter. This can be a full-time job in itself (or part-time if you’re also pursuing another career), but it’s an excellent way to put your communication skills to use while making a steady income. Expect to earn anywhere from $25 per hour (for basic translations) to $50 per hour (for specialized work) as a translator or interpreter.

#9 – Interviewer
A job as an interviewer can provide a great deal of flexibility, especially if you’re able to find a home-based position. You don’t have to set hours or be limited by commuting times. You get to interview people from your own home or any location that is convenient for you. These positions are particularly popular among college students who want some part-time work or people looking to work from home in their free time.

#10 – Salesperson
While sales is typically thought of as a job that requires personality more than skill, being a good listener and communication skills is important. Today’s top salespeople don’t just know how to persuade; they’re also able to empathize with their customers. With that said, good communication skills are still vital to success in sales, since it’s much easier to communicate with customers when you can build rapport based on shared interests.

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