May 29, 2022
The best places to find jobs as a recovery manager

The best places to find jobs as a recovery manager


Do you want to become a recovery manager? If you’re looking to start a career in this field, where should you look for work? The best places to find jobs as a recovery manager include hospitals, outpatient clinics, and nursing homes, among others. The more experience you have, the better your chances of landing a job that fits your abilities and your lifestyle. Are you ready to learn more about this high-demand field? What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Use LinkedIn’s Jobs feature. Recovery managers are healthcare professionals, so employers may expect you to have a valid license. You can also search for keywords such as recovery management job or jobs in recovery management. Check out openings at hospitals or companies with affiliated clinics (pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers, etc.). Remember: do your research! Know what kind of roles you want and apply only for those jobs. If you go in cold, it will be harder to get an interview. Be sure that your profile shows a strong background in both finance and health care; make sure all contact information is correct. If you need help sprucing up your profile, check out our suggestions here .

Job boards
You might not think of job boards as sources for recovery managers, but there are a few out there that cater to industry professionals. A simple Google search for recovery management will bring up plenty of results. The website Recovery Jobs is an example of such a specialized job board. More general job boards also allow you to narrow your search by geographic location, which is helpful if you’re looking for local positions in particular cities and towns across America. Sites like Indeed and Simply Hired can help with these types of searches.

Network with ex-colleagues in the same field
One of your first steps should be reaching out to people you know or worked with previously who are in recovery management roles. Knowing someone can make all the difference when you’re looking for a job. Not only does it help secure interviews, but it helps establish relationships and gives you something tangible to talk about during your interviews. And it shows that you’re familiar with certain industries and companies. You want potential employers to know that your experience is in-line with what they need from their recovery managers.

Look at local opportunities
First, it’s important to start your job search locally. A basic Google search of recovery managers [your location] should turn up multiple opportunities in your area. You could also talk with local hospitals or treatment centers about what positions they have available. If you already have experience in addiction counseling, try reaching out directly through social media or LinkedIn. Start by asking friends and family for any leads—you never know where you might find an opportunity. (For more on finding a job without using recruiters, check out our post: Getting Hired: The Ultimate Guide to Not Using Recruiters.)

Reach out to companies directly
Reach out to organizations directly and inquire about job openings for recovery managers. Many positions are never advertised publicly, but there is no harm in asking if they have any positions available. (Keep an eye on your local newspapers or craigslist for employment listings too.) No matter how you look for work, networking is one of your most powerful weapons. Set up informational interviews with business professionals and stay connected with colleagues, even after you’ve been hired. You never know who may know someone looking for a new hire!

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