May 29, 2022
How to find snow shoveling jobs in Toronto

How to find snow shoveling jobs in Toronto


While the winter season can be brutal on your body, it can also be very rewarding to you financially if you’re in the right line of work! If you’re looking to make money during this time of year in the Toronto area, then you’ll definitely want to think about finding some snow shoveling jobs. This guide will show you how!

Step 1 – Know what you’re getting into
Before you grab a shovel and start advertising your services, there are a few things you should consider. As with most jobs, there are both positives and negatives to being a snow removal contractor. First, it’s important to be aware of what kind of physical strain shoveling will place on your body and how long you’ll have to work each day. Of course, not everyone has access to their own plow truck or can afford one – if that’s true for you then these jobs aren’t going to be an option anyway.

Step 2 – Get your name out there
Post your articles on niche job boards, social media groups and create online accounts that you can use to advertise your services. Before you get started though, make sure that you have a polished resume ready, just in case a company wants more information about what you’re capable of doing. Don’t forget that it takes time for these platforms to bring you results – so don’t lose heart if things don’t work out right away!

Step 3 – Cover as much ground as possible
By providing specific search terms, like snow shoveling jobs toronto you ensure that your post will be seen by people searching for just that. You also ensure that when someone searches online they see a proper snow shoveler; not some kid or college student who wants money on payday. You are professional, trustworthy and honest and treat your customers right. When it comes time for an emergency cleanup, homeowners will come back because they know they can count on you!

Step 4 – Follow up after the storm
Snowfall is unpredictable, so it’s hard to know when a big storm will hit. When one hits and you’ve got nothing on your plate, head over to TaskRabbit and set up shop as soon as possible. The idea here is that if you act fast enough after a big storm, there won’t be many people around looking for help – but there will be lots of need for help! You can earn some extra cash and keep your neighbors happy by clearing their driveways or sidewalks quickly.

Step 5 – Use technology to maximize your efficiency
One of your goals as a remote worker is to maximize your productivity, right? You’re probably already doing things like maintaining a fully packed calendar, setting reminders on your phone and putting together an efficient daily workflow. And that’s great—but have you also thought about how technology can help you? One of our favorite ways to stay productive at work? Hootsuite Pro , which allows users to plan their social media messaging ahead of time, track key performance indicators (KPIs) and organize team conversations into private chats. It’s seriously one of our all-time favorites, especially when it comes to scheduling social media posts!
It helps us save loads of time while keeping us organized! We recommend giving it a try if you haven’t yet!

If you are struggling with trying to figure out how you can make some extra money, and you live in a major city or town that gets enough snowfall during winters, consider starting a side business as a snow removal contractor. Snow removal companies can rake up huge profits every season and it’s also very rewarding work for people who enjoy being outdoors. If you want to give it a try, look for local classified ads or sign up on one of those freelance marketplaces.

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