May 29, 2022
Best undergraduate scholarships for international students

Best undergraduate scholarships for international students


Education opens up countless opportunities to people from all over the world, whether it’s getting your bachelor’s degree at a state school or studying abroad and earning a master’s degree in another country. This isn’t just about education in the classroom, though — there are also tons of great scholarships out there that will help fund your education in exchange for your hard work and dedication. We’ve gathered together 25 of the best undergraduate scholarships available to international students. They range from applications that require essays to those that only need resumes, and they cover just about every possible academic field of study.

What you should know about finding scholarships
While there are thousands of opportunities available to students in developed countries, these opportunities aren’t always available to those who want to continue their education overseas. If you are looking for funding to cover an overseas degree, your options may be limited because a lot of scholarships and other funding sources don’t offer support to those studying abroad. However, it is still possible to secure scholarship funding while studying outside your home country—you just need to know where to look.

What are your chances of winning a scholarship?
The best way to find out if you will win a scholarship is to submit an application. Simply put, research shows that people who apply for scholarship money receive around five times more funds than those who don’t. With over $50 billion in awards available, scholarships are a great way to offset college costs without having to take out student loans.

Where to look for scholarships
When you’re applying to college, it’s easy to focus on getting into your first-choice institution. The problem is that you also need to get financial aid in order to afford school, and winning a scholarship is one of your best options. You might not win if you apply only once or twice; if schools are going to choose you over all other applicants, you need to make it easier for them by getting as many applications out there as possible.

How to apply for a scholarship
If you have been offered a scholarship to study abroad, there are certain things you need to do and documents you need to submit in order to successfully complete your application. There may be some pre-requisites that your educational institution requires, such as transcripts from high school or standardized test scores. Additionally, you will also have to provide evidence of financial support (such as proof of a sponsoring organization), as well as letters of recommendation. Finally, make sure you have an acceptance letter from your new school before applying for any scholarships.

International Scholarships in Canada and Europe
Although Canadian and European governments don’t offer as many scholarships to international applicants as U.S. states, there are still plenty of opportunities to fund your college education—if you know where to look. Most nations have a set number of full-ride scholarship awards available each year, and it’s up to you to find them.

International Scholarships in USA and UK
Getting a scholarship to study in USA or UK is an excellent way to fund your college education. There are many different types of scholarship programs out there, but you have to make sure that you apply for one that fits your personal and professional goals. The below list of scholarship programs highlights some of the best on offer

International Scholarships in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
If you are looking to study abroad in Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, find out more about university grants and other types of financial aid. There are a number of government-funded scholarship programs specifically designed to support international students studying in these countries. Unlike other types of scholarships, they do not require an essay contest or interview process.

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