June 25, 2022

5 Ways To Use Networking To Find A Job

Networking is everywhere in the job search process. However, It is how you get the most

out of your time at career fairs, how you will be able to get your foot in the door,

and how you’ll be able to stand out from other candidates. However, it can be

difficult to navigate, especially when you’re not sure where to start. It’s easy to

feel overwhelmed, but if you’re able to master networking, you’ll be able to find a job.

1.Think of Your Own Network

When you’re looking for a job, the best place to start is with your own network.

Think about all of the people you know – friends, family, acquaintances, even

people you’ve just met. Each of these people might know someone who is hiring

or knows of a job opening. Don’t be shy about asking them for help. The worst

they can say is no, and you might be surprised by how many people are happy to help.

2. Don’t Forget to Reach Outside Your Network

The people you know are a great place to start your job search, but don’t

forget to reach outside your network, too. Don’t be afraid to ask friends of

friends for leads, or to post an online message looking for someone who

might know of an opening. Sometimes the best leads come from unexpected places.

The key is to be proactive and to stay connected with as many people as possible.

Who knows, the next job opening might just be a phone call away.

3. Understand the Different Ways to Network

There are a few different types of networking. The most common are personal

and professional. Personal networking is all about building relationships with

people you know. Professional networking is all about building relationships

with people in your industry. There are also two different types of relationships

you can build: weak and strong. A weak relationship is one in which you ask for

help but don’t offer much in return. A strong relationship is one in which you

offer help and receive help in return. When networking to find a job, it’s

important to build strong relationships with as many people as possible.

4. Ways of Getting Professional Advice

When it comes to job-searching, networking is one of the most effective

tools you have at your disposal. But what happens when you don’t know

where to start? It can be tricky to know how to navigate networking events,

especially if you don’t have a lot of experience. That’s where getting

professional advice can come in handy. A good career coach can help

you create a networking strategy that works for you, give you tips on

how to make a great first impression, and help you develop your elevator pitch.

They can also help you identify your personal brand and target your job search.

If you’re not sure where to find a career coach, check out our list of recommended resources.

5. Choose the Right Opportunities to Build Your Network

Not all networking opportunities are created equal. If you’re looking to

build your professional network, it’s important to choose the right opportunities.

Attending job fairs and industry events are great, but meeting people for coffee or

lunch can be just as beneficial. It’s important to be selective and intentional

when it comes to networking. Ask yourself: What are my goals for this meeting?

What do I want to gain from it? What can I offer the other person? If you

can answer these questions, you’re on your way to building strong,

meaningful relationships with the people you meet.


When it comes to finding a job, networking is one of the best ways to

get your name out there. By using different strategies and tools, you can

reach people that you never would have thought possible and broaden your horizons in the process.