May 29, 2022
5 Tips for Finding a Job Using LinkedIn

5 Tips for Finding a Job Using LinkedIn

It’s no secret that LinkedIn has revolutionized the way people find jobs. Even if you aren’t using it to find work, your competitors are, and having an active profile makes you look like less of a threat because you have nothing to hide. Here are five tips for finding jobs using LinkedIn so you can stay ahead of the curve and make sure your applications are being seen by recruiters and hiring managers.

What is Linkedin?
Linkedin is a social network used by professionals and businesses to interact with others in their industry. Linkedin allows you to search for jobs, find recruiters, research your competitors and create connections which can open up new opportunities in your career. Many companies are now using Linkedin as an alternative form of communication that can take place outside of traditional office hours.

1) Understand How Job Postings Work
If you want to find a job using LinkedIn, it’s important to know how hiring managers and recruiters use it. Postings are often just a starting point in an application process that is filled with steps like phone screens, interviews, and even more screenings. Hiring managers might need more than your credentials—they may want links to content you’ve created and recommendations from people you’ve worked with or for. It all depends on what they think will help them make their final decision.

2) Use Custom Search Filters
If you’re looking to apply for a job in particular industry or with a specific company, use these filters to refine your search. This way, you’ll have less of your LinkedIn feed clogged up with unprofessional content and you can focus on finding jobs that are most relevant to you.

3) Join Groups
While you’re making your profile complete, make sure to join some relevant professional groups on LinkedIn. By connecting with people in your industry and joining groups specific to your interests, you can expand your professional network and connect with potential employers. Who knows? You might even meet someone who’s hiring! (If you do, of course, be sure to share that information.) Before you know it, connections will start reaching out to you directly with opportunities.

4) Connect with Recruiters
The best way to get in touch with hiring managers is through in-person meetings, but if you’re not there yet, you can do some legwork from behind your screen. Reach out to recruiters directly and let them know you’re looking for your next opportunity. And even though they may be inundated with emails, chances are they’ll want to talk to one of their candidates face-to-face.

5) Create Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn
Building your personal brand is key to success on LinkedIn. In fact, whether you’re job hunting or not, having a strong profile is essential. Think of it as an online resume that provides potential employers with information they might find valuable if they were considering hiring you. When you create your profile, be sure to include keywords that prospective employers are likely to search for. Use these keywords in both your headline and summary sections. This will help ensure your profile is found when recruiters perform searches on LinkedIn.

Your job search is not over simply because you’ve found and applied to your ideal position. With persistence, it’s possible to track down nearly anyone and contact them through LinkedIn, which makes it easier than ever to get an in with a company and your potential boss. Do these steps religiously and chances are good that you will eventually land an interview.

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